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Lisa was born in Colombia, grew up in California and moved to Vancouver, BC in the early 1970s to start a successful career as a graphic designer and photographer. After living for 25 years as a devoted husband and father, Lisa was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. She had struggled with a gender identity that did not conform to her biological sex ever since she can remember. This diagnosis was both a blessing and a curse. Though it offered an explanation for her years of struggle, confusion and guilt, it did not offer any simple solutions.

It would take another ten years before she could come to terms with the diagnosis. She first had to reconcile what the doctors said with her faith in Jesus Christ. For years, she had used clobber passages in an attempt to correct the flaw and fight the spiritual battle. It was Jesus’ words on eunuchs that finally breached the gap between faith and her medical condition. This allowed her to begin the difficult process of transitioning from living as a man to living as a woman; transforming her body medically and surgically. She knew it would impact the most important people in her life, her wife and three sons. For years, she had shown her love for them by attempting to die to herself daily—suppressing who she was. In 2007, she came to the point where the most loving thing she could do now was to choose life, even if this meant making hard choices. She began her transition in July 2008. “This is not what I wanted to do—it is what I had to do. There was no thrill in this. My decision had nothing to do with courage; it was an act of desperation. The alternative was dying,” she says.

Lisa Salazar is on the Board of Canyonwalker Connections whose mission is: "Repair the Breach between the Christian church and the Christian glbt community." Lisa is the transgender representative in a group of pastors, men, women, straight and glbt Christians seeking to educate, host and invite dialogue surrounding the homosexuality and gender identity issues and Christianity.

Interview with Rachel Held Evans

For what might be best described as the Reader's Digest version of Lisa's life, read this interview, Titled "Ask a Transgender CHristian." Read the many comments that followed as well.


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Table of Contents (PREVIEW)

Foreword by Duncan Holmes 1

Foreword by kaitlyn Bogas 6

Preface 8

Chapter 1: Trip to the Moon 11

Chapter 2: California, Here We Come 16

Chapter 3: Growing Roots 21

Chapter 4: A New Awareness 25

Chapter 5: How American 32

Chapter 6: A Sticky Situation 37

Chapter 7: On the Meaning of Words 42

Chapter 8: The Power of Advertising 47

Chapter 9: The Big Bust 51

Chapter 10: What Do I Know? 56

Chapter 11: Spiritual War 61

Chapter 12: Stupid Zeal 65

Chapter 13: We Meet Again 72

Chapter 14: Fundamentally Speaking 77

Chapter 15: Crossing the Border 81

Chapter 16: Homesickness or Love? 89

Chapter 17: The Countdown 95

Chapter 18: I Promise 100

Chapter 19: Starting a Family 105

Chapter 20: Full of Beans & Fessing Up 111

Chapter 21: Hitting Rock Bottom 119

Chapter 22: Fear of Falling 127

Chapter 23: Cocoon Time 131

Chapter 24: Gender Clinic 136

Chapter 25: A Disaster and a Wedding 142

Chapter 26: What Will People Think? 147

Chapter 27: The Day the Music Stopped 153

Chapter 28: Hormones 163

Chapter 29: The Last Hurdles 168

Chapter 30: Running Into Transition 175

Chapter 31: Navigating Uncharted Waters 181

Chapter 32: The Change 192

Chapter 33: An Epilogue 199

The Last Word: 202

Appendix I: Bed Posts 203

Appendix II: The Letter 208

I’ve been asked where the name

“Lisa” came from? 213